Fox Theatre Redwood City Booking

The Fox Theatre Redwood City is an open venue, which means that we do not intend to book events directly with performers and their agents and will not be coordinating in-house promotions. If you are interested in performing at the Fox Theatre Redwood City, please seek out a promoter to produce your event. Fox Theatre Redwood City has identified credible promoters in various niches that are uniquely qualified to book talent and market/produce niche events. If you need help identifying a promoter for your band or event idea, feel free to contact us at (650) 369-7770 and select Artist Booking.

Club Fox Booking

Club Fox features dance and/or headliner bands on Friday and Saturday nights, national touring acts on Thursdays, Tuesdays and Sundays and a weekly Blues Jam on Wednesdays,

Talent Qualifications

If you represent a band, soloist or packaged event which has performed at Club Fox (formally the “The Little Fox”) in the past four years, selling at least 150 tickets at a minimum of a $14 per ticket then please forward your available dates to

If you represent a nationally known touring act with at least three prior plays in the region, please forward your available dates, local tour history and links to your press info to

If you represent a local or a new touring act with limited or no prior plays or history in the Bay Area, please Hard Mail exactly what you would send to the press to promote your show along with your available dates, and whatever information you would like us to consider to:

Fox Booking
333 Lake Ave Suite F
Santa Cruz, CA, 95062

If you would like to be part of a packaged event then please put it together and propose it to Bear in mind that there needs to be one individual responsible for managing the bands, the event and distribution of payment.